Installing Microsoft's free VMs for IE testing on Arch Linux

I'd heard about and tried it out a few months back. It seemed to be a lot more reliable than using IETester via Wine and generally a lot easier to set up.

How I installed the Google Voice and Video Plugin on Fedora 15

I wanted to try out the hangout feature of Google+ which requires the Google Voice and Video Plugin, but when attempting to install the plugin using the downloaded rpm in Fedora 15, there was a worrying number of dependencies. This is how I fixed it.

Kernel extravaganza

Just prior to Christmas, I received my new Sony Vaio. I messed about with the Windows 7 installation and borked it when trying to add Maverick to it. I then ran Maverick on it's own for a bit and then decided it might be useful to fix the dual boot thing working again. Second time lucky.

A few niggling bits and pieces were overcome, such as getting the trackpad to function. While looking through the syslog, I spotted this message:

intel ips 0000:00:1f.6: MCP power or thermal limit exceeded

Adobe Acrobat Reader 8 Problem on Mac (resolved)

Acrobat Reader enable/disable plugins via the Get Info dialogNote: this issue disappeared for the author, after upgrading to Adobe Reader 8.1.

I was being driven around the bend trying to resolve a problem with Acrobat Reader 8 in that it kept crashing within 15 seconds of launching (scroll down to read more).

Eventually, in the Adobe forums, I found that others were having the same problem and it was due to the update plug-in. Most likely some sort of privileges problem, according to another poster in the forum.

The solution given by people in the forum was to choose to remove the Update plug-in by removing it from the application's package. However, I found that there was an extra pane in the Get Info dialog that allows you to add, remove, enable or disable plug-ins. I think it's a more sophisticated way to deal with it.

Mac as a web server revisited

To recap on the issue I had in my presentation re: "How to turn your Mac into a database-driven web server"

at the June meeting, I had got to the stage of installing mySQL and configuring it via the terminal, but I could get no PHP scripts to access the database do to a conflict with "old" password hashing and the "new-style" 4.1.x passwords that mySQL uses.


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