Alergy advice. Who'd have thought

Last one done

At the weekend we moved into our new house, while I was exploring I decided to look in the loft incase there was any hidden treasures up there. It was huge...imagine the roof of the Gotham Cathedral at the end of Batman.

There were a few pens on the floor, a calender from 1993 and a shelf with random items. I had a look round the shelf and noticed on the wall behind, written into the plaster was a message that read 'last one done, cheerio brockham'. Which freaked me out a bit, I can only assume it was written by the builder of the house (from the 1920s), although a friend of mine thought it could be written by a serial killer or sex offender.

Never trust a snail with no legs and scissors for fingers...

I bought a Garmin C310 on Ebay the other week as a gift for my mum, help her find places, like the kitchen and all that...anyway, the seller put on the advert 'scratch on screen from use'. So when it arrived I was a little upset to see that the lead didn't actually connect to anything (handy) and the scratch on the screen was like a scale model of the Grand Canyon only deeper. I can only assume the previous owner was Edward Scissorhands or Freddy Kruger, if you've got knives for fingers you're screwed aren't you? no wonder Kruger was so upset all the time.

To add insult to injury, I thought I'd test out the new system and to start with I was impressed...that is, until I asked it to take me to MacDonalds..the one I could see out the car window, 500 ft away. It brought up a huge list, I clicked the closest one at the top and off it went.

GOD 10, the new Channel 5

Last night I discovered a new TV channel, one I've never seen before it was called GOD 10. What was more confusing was the fact it was on channel there was I ready to waste a few hours watching Xena Warrior Princess, or Kevin Sorbo in that show all about him being a god and all the ladies loving him...I think he's also in Hercules. And there it was GOD 10.

Does anyone actually watch this? it's the most amazing channel ever, I thought that watching bidTV or QVC was hard on the presenters..constantly trying to talk about a product that even Argos wouldn't sell as if it's the greatest thing ever...but no, GOD 10, there was this guy on stage infront of about 10 billion people, talking about the fact that this event was the 24th anniversary of the show and that next year, the 25th was going to be really special...with everyone cheering and whooping. I was thinking if he'd said the same thing last year, and the year before that.

It's Launched!

Shuttle Launch Screen ShotThis has been one of the most gripping shuttle launches I've ever been through, and I've not even seen it on TV. Thanks to the wonders of the interweb, I've been viewing static images 30 seconds or more after they were taken in glorious web-resolution style. The wonders of modern technogy, eh? Moving pictures are over-rated.

Click here to re-live MY excitement!


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