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It's a sign of the times that these days you need directory enquiries to get the number for 118118...anyway,

So I'm in my new job now, down in Guildford and I'm staying at the YMCA...and the village people were right, (apart from the gay sex which so far has been a bitter disappointment) it is fun to stay there. You can get a good meal and to a certain extent you can do whatever you feel...apart from dining in the restaurant naked, so I discovered.

My car temperature gauge which is scientifically accurate to within +- 20deg told me it was 38deg yesterday, I'm not built for the heat, any word starting with 'h' gets me sweating, like hot, horse, hermaphrodite etc.

My World Cup runneth over!!!

I couldn't help myself - I had to rip this bit of yesterday's Broadcasting House on Radio 4.

It's only a 1.6mb mp3 audio download - a one minute, forty-five second playback. Strangely, I couldn't seem to find it on the podcast, but did grab it from the Real Audio stream.

Click here for the download.

Hannah Jurado, Mission Controller

A Space Shuttle LaunchClick Image Hannah Jurado is the step-daughter of my great friend Randy Villines. Randy and I were pals in the US Air Force. He married Julieta in 1985 and Hannah must have been about eight or nine years old.

When I received a Powerpoint presentation about the imminent launch of Space Shuttle Discovery and that this would be Hannah's first flight as a Shuttle and Space Station Controller, I was so happy for her and her family and thought I'd turn it into a slideshow you can view on the web.

Click here to open a new window with her slide show.

Well done, Hannah!!!

Henman gives two fingers to his fans

Henman gives his fans the two finger saluteThe BBC report on Henman's thrashing by Federer yesterday included this photo. There was no need for him to make this rude gesture.

Mac OS X 10.4.7 Shocker

I'm just in the process of downloading and installing Mac OS X 10.4.7 update. Before doing so, I had a read of the site and noticed this:

BCC issue in Apple's

I hope I haven't stung myself in the past!


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