my second blog entry

See?? see how rubbish I am?...

I have already run out of anything useful or thought provoking to say. I thought about posting some Flash genius that pours forth from my fingers with the speed and consistency of a man suffering from premature ejaculation at a bikini waxing contest, but I wouldn't know where to start.

Maybe something like, if you want to be a Flash developer...but what follows I have no idea.

Except maybe saying that Flash Developers are never, no matter how good they are considered to be programmers, by REAL know, people who wear dog tags, permanently dress in black, spend their weekends at Games Workshop...

How to turn your Mac into a dynamic, database-driven web server


In preparation for this presentation, I've done a fresh install of Mac OS X Tiger on an external drive and patched it up to the latest version. I've also installed a few programs that I use in web development and server configuration, including (but not limited to):

Can it get easier than this?

The quickest way to enable the web server on your Mac is by going to System Preferences>Sharing, and then ticking the Personal Web Sharing tick box, as shown below:

Sharing Prefs Pane

Note that this will allow you to access your server via these urls:

This app can break

Was intrigued with this:

Open up Notepad, and type in "this app can break", without the quotation marks. Save it somewhere. Then open it. You'll find out, in a non-destructive way, that yes indeed, Notepad can break.


This is presumably an easter egg/Micro$haft techie humour.

My first blog entry

I would like to say I was forced into this by Richard in a weak attempt at creating a site with more hits than ''.

I hate blogs, they're like owning a small child...they sound like a good idea at the time, playing football in the park with them, tormenting them...but when you actually get one you realise the ammount of effort needed to keep them alive for any reasonable length of time.

The only reason I have written this is because I am leaving my current company to start a new life in the south and although I have spent the last 14 months doing nothing all day, these last 2 weeks of my notice period are really starting to drag.

A bit of an animal?

Unilever provides post-Einsteinian technological junk food to the western world

The Combermere Arms (see link ) has once again landed itself on the world stage by exposing a multi-national conglomerate's unleashing of snack food products manufactured with unspecified quantum mechanical processes.

Evidence of Unilever's technological breakthrough are visible in the small print of both the Red Peperami packaging and the Green Peperami packaging. The process was first spotted by the landlord of The Combermere Arms, Gavin Craig, who noticed that the Green Peperami packaging stated there was 108% pork in the Green Peperami, whereas the Red Peperami packaging stated that the amount of pork to produce the product was well within the Newtonian range of less than 100% of the total product. In the period that has elapsed since his discovery, Unilever have since upgraded the manufacturing process of their Red Peperami product such that it, too, exceeds 100% of the total ingredients to produce the product.

Evidence of post-Einsteinian technologies applied to mass market junk food productionClick here to see 108% Pork!

Gavin Craig was unavailable for comment, as he is jet-setting around the world (well, Spain and Ireland anyway). Representatives for Mr. Craig have disputed rumours that this trip was funded by Unilever.


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