Last one done

At the weekend we moved into our new house, while I was exploring I decided to look in the loft incase there was any hidden treasures up there. It was huge...imagine the roof of the Gotham Cathedral at the end of Batman.

There were a few pens on the floor, a calender from 1993 and a shelf with random items. I had a look round the shelf and noticed on the wall behind, written into the plaster was a message that read 'last one done, cheerio brockham'. Which freaked me out a bit, I can only assume it was written by the builder of the house (from the 1920s), although a friend of mine thought it could be written by a serial killer or sex offender.

The thing that was more disturbing was the large blue duffelbag infront of the note...about the size of a small child, or a mans torso. I pulled the bag to see the rest of the note and noticed that it was quite heavy..and whatever was in was folded up and as I pulled, it kind of flopped onto the shelf with a thud (no penis jokes please). Not daring to open it I prodded it (with my finger ofcourse) and it had the consistency of jelly/flesh. At which point I ran away.

I may take a look in there that I mean, my other half may take a look in there tonight while I shout orders from under the duvet (I'm a selfish lover, you know that). I'm fairly certain though it's nothing good, like nazi gold or money.


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