- Social Bookmarking, and why I keep coming back to it

Some months ago, while looking at blogs of different web designers and Apple developers, I found out about .

The concept of social bookmarking wasn't jaw-droppingly amazing, but it was compelling to me from the point of view that I could get to some of my favourite sites if I wasn't in front of *my* computer, where I had bookmarked specific sites. As with many new technologies and web sites, my enthusiasm waned within 24-48 hours.

In my new role at Emart however, I realised that my colleagues are likely to have much longer attention spans and that we could create a list of favourites, or a combination of favourites from everyone in the company, by using bookmarks. By revisiting social bookmarks, I've rediscovered the true use of the site, and also understand that my short attention span has a purpose. Perhaps it's not really a *short attention span* in the first place.

Here's my one:


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I also keep on using that social bookmarking site. Well it is not that awesome but it has its own usefulness.

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