I'm reconsidering...

Having read some other blogs about blogging in the workplace, I'm having second thoughts about my view about being able to write what I want:

  1. If I'm writing on company time, and/or using company computing resources to compose, edit and manage my blog then perhaps the company does have an editorial right;
  2. If I have the urge to spread hate or racism (I'm telling you right now - I don't) the company would definitely have cause for concern.

There are plenty of other circumstances for which the company could have a right to intervene. Now I need to think about whether company blogs can be of any use, or have any impact on the bottom line. AW is keen from the point of view of generating traffic, and that the traffic would come due to the search engines picking up on words we use about products, and liberal sprinkling of links to the products on the site. I don't dispute that this would work. My concern is whether the possible damage to the credibility of what we're trying to achieve. There must be some middle ground between authenticity of blog entries and our desires to increase traffic. Surely quality content has primacy over short term goals. Especially those which can be overridden by new searching and indexing features evolving through time.


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