It's Launched!

Shuttle Launch Screen ShotThis has been one of the most gripping shuttle launches I've ever been through, and I've not even seen it on TV. Thanks to the wonders of the interweb, I've been viewing static images 30 seconds or more after they were taken in glorious web-resolution style. The wonders of modern technogy, eh? Moving pictures are over-rated.

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All the people who have general interest in science and especial in astrology, here is the big event for them as the space ship has been launched and sooner will be the part of the space station. I have successfully completed my research paper essay on the astrology topic and this post is icing on the cake for me.

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Today we celebrate the 10's launching date of! My congratulations!

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I don't know about atmospheric pollution but as for noise pollution...the noise generated by a shuttle launching is enough to vapourise water and create a rain cloud. So when Cheap Assignment the shuttle launches, it'll rain in a city nearby some short time after.

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