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I have recently working with some new tools to work with Google's services, which ultimately should bring more traffic to my site and also earn me loads of money. Ideally, both simultaneously.

First, Google Adsense. I mentioned that I sussed it last week, for the most part, but also that I live in fear that ads that compete with my own site would appear on my site. For example, when I talk in a blog posting (like what you're reading now) or when I talk of web hosting or web design and build, will competitors' ads appear? Look around this page. You might see ads about free blogs, free web hosting or free web design and build. Great. I'm sure it's excellent value, but you know I'm better than all of them. I simply am not stupid enough nor rich enough to buy my own Adwords.

So, how much have I lost in this process? It's hard to tell specifically, but maybe not too hard. So far, one person out of the 120-180 visitors that appear each day over the past week has clicked on a Google ad. I really hope it wasn't for hosting or blogging or something like that, and that the person didn't subsequently find that they could get for free the services that I normally charge several tens of thousand of your earth pounds for.

The benefit that I've gained by the one click by the way, is about 47p or so. Don't tell the taxman.

Secondly, Google Sitemaps. Google has this great new way of getting you to supply them with pointers about what you'd like them to index on your site with some indication from you about how often the content changes. It's one of those win-win situations where the effort you make to help Google's bots to crawl your site, should help ensure you get listed in their pages appropriately. From Google:

Google Sitemaps is an experiment in web crawling. By using Sitemaps to inform and direct our crawlers, we hope to expand our coverage of the web and speed up the discovery and addition of pages to our index.

This is done by pushing some XML to Google in a predefined format, known as Google Sitemap format.

An example of a Google Sitemap ScreenAfter going through the process of setting up Google Sitemaps, you will have your own account area to view the statistics on your site for links into your site and words people use to describe your site else where. It is at this stage, I would like to thank Chris Anderson for using two special words to link to my blog. It's an inside joke but you might be able to guess it if you are a fan of Father Ted. Click on this thumbnail. I've circled the words which have made me famous in red. They're not in the same order in which they should be used, however.



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useful tips I have recently working with some new tools to work with Google's services, spiele which ultimately should bring more traffic to my site and also earn me loads of money. Ideally, both simultaneously.

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